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Garpesjær East



At Garpeskjær east, Havnekraft has a shore power plant with a total output of approx. 650 kW, with options for voltage of 400/440/690 VAC and frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The facility is built according to the standard for shore power (IEC 80005)

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    Power supplied by HavneKraft

    953 MWh
    953 MWh
    252,5 tonn CO<sub>2</sub> saved
    252,5 tonn CO2 saved

    Havnekraft AS is owned 50/50 by Haugaland Kraft and Karmsund Havn, and our strategic goal is to establish, own and operate shore power facilities and green power solutions for the maritime industry.

    Havnekraft provides clean, sustainable energy allowing vessels to shut down auxiliary engines while at quay, reducing CO2 and NOX emissions and noise pollution to the surroundings.

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